Presskontakterna has been around since 1989 and here is more about us.

Over twenty five years ago, Lotta de Champs answered to the market needs and established a new pr scene in Stockholm. When Presskontakterna started back in 1989 we were the first pr agency specialised in fashion in Sweden. Since then we have evolved and so has the market around us but Presskontakterna still remains as one of the leading pr agencies in our field. Today we work from a Scandinavian perspective and have offices in Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen. In 2010 we also established a beauty department to our field of expertise. Our strength lies in our experience and the broad network we have built up over twenty five years. We have invaluable contacts and credibility in the Scandinavian media, which allow us to access the very best channels for getting our message across. We offer a personalised and strategic approach to pr that can help establish a brand in the media market place today. We offer pr solutions that help our clients reach their target audiences in an inspiring and innovative way. Our strategic agency currently works with around 70 internationally strong brands, and we carefully cultivate the long-term relationships with our clients. We have great experience in brand building and we will get you where you want to be and keep you there.  With over twenty five years of experience we consider ourselves experienced.


Our extensive knowledge and experience give us credibility among the press. As a client, you benefit from our professionalism in our analyses, strategies and reports. In order to continually achieve better results, we work in close collaboration with our clients to establish goals and targets. We are never satisfied with a result until our client is. Maintaining a high level of service when dealing with both journalists and clients is something we take for granted. There are no limits to our creativity and we are working hard to develop innovative activities. We thrive on creative challenges.